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Post Op Transexual fights for right to stay in the UK - UK Post Op TS Visa

1:38 pm, Monday 4th April 2011

A Transexual woman married to a Derby man could face 20 years in jail if she is forced to return to her home country after being turned down for a visa.

Fatine Young, 36, who was born a man, has lived with her husband, school caretaker Ian Young, in Spondon for six months.

Ian first met her in a coffee shop in Malaysia and did not realise she was transsexual.

But despite Fatine's revelation and her refusal to have sex-change surgery, Ian says he is still in love and "can't contemplate his life without her''.

But Fatine has been refused a UK visa and faces jail if she is sent home because their relationship would be perceived to be homosexual. Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia.

The couple were married at a civil ceremony at Derby Register Office in June after a three-year romance.

Despite that, Fatine has been refused permission to stay in the UK by the Home Office.

Ian, 30, who works at St Chad's Infant School, said: "I know it is hard for many people to understand, but I love Fatine and I feel lucky to have met such a caring, wonderful person like her.

"It doesn't matter to me that she is a transsexual, it's the person she is inside that I care about and love."

The couple met in Kuala Lumpur in 2006, when Ian was working in the country.

Ian, who was born in Derby and went to Chellaston School, recalled the moment the couple met.

He said: "I was overwhelmed by her striking eyes and exotic features – she was gorgeous. We started talking and I was immediately impressed by how good her English was.

"When she got up to leave I asked for her number and that's when she told me. She said she might not be what I was looking for, and that she was actually a transsexual.

"Naively I just said 'oh' and blushed with embarrassment. But for some reason I wasn't put off. I'd never met a transsexual before and my instinct was that I liked Fatine."

Two days later, Ian and Fatine, who was born Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari, went to a bar together and at the end of the night they kissed for the first time.

Ian said: "Being a straight man, I did have a few concerns about what had happened and the way I was feeling. But I couldn't ignore how I felt."

When Ian's contract finished five months later, he returned to Derby.

But he and Fatine stayed in contact and he would spend £10 a day on telephone calls.

In December, Ian arranged for Fatine to come over to the UK on a visitor's visa, for what was at first intended to be a holiday, but they soon realised it would be more long-term.

A month into Fatine's visit, Ian proposed and they applied to the Home Office for a certificate to marry in a civil service, which was granted in June.

His family were supportive, with his mum saying on the day of the civil service: "I've got a son and a daughter now."

They hoped it would support Fatine in her bid to secure a permanent settlement visa.

However, their dream of staying in the UK has been thrown into doubt after Fatine's leave to remain visa was refused in September, on the grounds of an incorrect passport photo. Their second application was also rejected because it was received after Fatine's visitor's visa had expired.

She has now been told she must return to Malaysia – although the couple will put in a third application on Monday.

In Malaysia, transsexuals can be sacked from jobs and arrested.

But Fatine said she had always felt she was in the wrong body and, from the age of 17, had dressed as a woman.

Although her father accepted her, Fatine's sexuality caused a permanent rift with her mother.

Nevertheless, Fatine took hormones to feminise her body and voice, although she has no plans for major surgery.

Ian said: "We've followed every procedure and done everything by the book, but we've still been refused.

"Ultimately spending our life together is our dream, just like any other couple in love. We want to do simple things like have a mortgage together, work and be happy.

"At the moment we both feel desperate and that our options are quickly running out. We love each other. Being forced apart is our worst nightmare.

We know that all the Transexual Escorts in the UK wis this couple the best of luck in their fight to stay together.

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Transexual Author dies in USA

1:34 pm, Monday 4th April 2011

Penner had been a columnist and covered the Olympics, the Angels, World Cup soccer, tennis and sports media for The Times. In 2007, he announced that he was a transsexual.

Mike Penner, a longtime Los Angeles Times sportswriter who made headlines in 2007 when he announced that he was transsexual, has died. He was 52.

Penner was pronounced dead Friday evening at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, a Los Angeles County coroner's official said.

The cause of death has not been determined but was believed to be suicide.

"Mike was a first-rate journalist, a valued member of our staff for 25 years, and we will miss him," Times Editor Russ Stanton said. "He respected our readers a great deal, enough to share with them his very personal journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

A versatile member of The Times' sports staff, Penner covered the Olympics, the Angels, World Cup soccer, tennis, sports media and a variety of other assignments.

He also spent several years writing a sports column for the paper's Orange County Edition. Since 2008, he was the principal writer for the sports section's "Totally Random" feature.

No doubt Transexual Escorts all over the world will mourn the loss of this great writer.

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The Youngest Sex Change in the world

2:04 pm, Tuesday 22nd March 2011

A Spanish clinic recently revealed it had performed a male-to-female sex-change operation on a 16-year-old, making her the youngest patient to undergo the operation in the country’s history.

The unnamed teenager had been taking hormones to change her body since she was 15, according to doctors who treated her at Barcelona’s hospital clínico, and she had been seeing doctors and psychiatrists for even longer.

“The patient has been in treatment for nearly three years,” said the surgeon who carried out the operation.

A sex-change operation on a minor requires the approval of a Spanish court to override a law that sets the minimum age for such operations as 18. That permission was given in November by a judge after the the child’s parents had themselves made the request. The operation was carried out in December 2009.

The teenager had reportedly tried to commit suicide on several occasions. As a child she was convinced that she was really female, but had been born in the wrong body. The judge consulted many medical experts and doctors, all of whom have recommended that he be operated on … she is very happy.

President of the Catalan Association of Transsexuals, said it was possible from an early age for a child to be conscious that they were in the wrong body. “An eight-year-old child knows already what they want to be and what they do not want to be,” she said. “In the end, everything depends on the support that they find within their own family.” “It is a condition that one is born with but which you cannot operate for until they are 18 years old,” she said. “That, for a doctor, is something of a shock. No one could imagine that if your child was born with, say, leukaemia, we would say we must wait until 18 before operating.”

The question of whether children under 18 should be operated on was more an ethical and social debate than a medical one. “The younger the patient is, the simpler the operation generally is”. “To deny people transsexuality until they become grown-ups only lengthens the suffering of young transsexuals,” the Spanish Federation of Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, said. However, others believe that it was better to wait until someone was 18 to have an operation.

“We are not against it, but it is a life-changing decision,” said the Spanish Association of Transsexuals. “It is a good idea to wait until the person has achieved maturity, legal and otherwise.” The World Professional Association for Transgender Health also says the threshold age should be 18.

Sweden, which pioneered sex-change legislation, sets the limit for operations at 18, though, like some other countries, it helps young transsexuals to start ¬reversible hormone treatment well before that.

Transsexuals were now being taken seriously by the Spanish health service. “Not so long ago they were not even considered to be patients. They were thought of as being capricious,” he said. “As doctors, we are confronted by a condition which, as such, is covered by the health service.”

The socialist government of prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero passed a law two years ago allowing transsexuals, with or without surgery, to formally change their gender of birth.

Post Op Transexual Escorts have never been known to have this operation so young.   

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Facebook in trouble over Transgendered Photos

2:02 pm, Tuesday 22nd March 2011

It seems like there is no place safe online that Transgendered people do not face issues with their life choice.

A Canadian trans man who was barred from Facebook for posting an image of his chest reconstruction has been allowed back on the site.

Calgary resident Dominic Scaia recently had his breasts removed and posted some images of his new chest on his profile in December, which showed light, well-healed scarring.

However, when another user complained to the social networking site, he discovered his account had been deleted due to Facebook’s photo rules.

Although Facebook’s terms of service allow men to be shown topless, Scaia was told his photos showed “nudity or other graphic or sexually suggestive content”. Under Facebook’s rules, this includes “graphic post-surgical imagery”.

Scaia told Xtra.ca: “I’m a man, and I posted my chest online, and that should be allowed – period. There are thousands of transgendered people on Facebook, and I think the message this sends to them is your photos aren’t safe, and that’s not fair.”

After continuing to complain to Facebook, his account was reinstated.

Last week, a Facebook spokesman told Xtra.ca that a review team had reconsidered the decision and decided that Scaia could re-upload his images, which he has now done.

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