Facebook in trouble over Transgendered Photos - Sunday 28th of November 2021 12:36:26 AM

Facebook in trouble over Transgendered Photos

2:02 pm, Tuesday 22nd March 2011

It seems like there is no place safe online that Transgendered people do not face issues with their life choice.

A Canadian trans man who was barred from Facebook for posting an image of his chest reconstruction has been allowed back on the site.

Calgary resident Dominic Scaia recently had his breasts removed and posted some images of his new chest on his profile in December, which showed light, well-healed scarring.

However, when another user complained to the social networking site, he discovered his account had been deleted due to Facebook’s photo rules.

Although Facebook’s terms of service allow men to be shown topless, Scaia was told his photos showed “nudity or other graphic or sexually suggestive content”. Under Facebook’s rules, this includes “graphic post-surgical imagery”.

Scaia told Xtra.ca: “I’m a man, and I posted my chest online, and that should be allowed – period. There are thousands of transgendered people on Facebook, and I think the message this sends to them is your photos aren’t safe, and that’s not fair.”

After continuing to complain to Facebook, his account was reinstated.

Last week, a Facebook spokesman told Xtra.ca that a review team had reconsidered the decision and decided that Scaia could re-upload his images, which he has now done.

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