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Transexual Escort sexy Dinner Date

No doubt there are few things in your life that do remain with you forever. Well almost I have had something like this too. It was quite a night that I worked hard for myself to get to the position I wanted. I knew I required some fun as I sacrificed a lot during the years. I decided to go a little off way for some fun.

Maybe bad but I needed it. And I always had this ad reline inside me about a night stand with a Transexual escort. I met her for the first time on my hotel lounge and was she beautiful or what. It had compounded to all my feelings and I knew what I was heading for.  A fantastic dinner with her company and I was only thinking that possibly how could she maintain herself to this level.

Anyway, she was smart, uber friendly, intelligent, and with that a good sense of humor. A perfect example of a woman was she. With drinks we headed back to my hotel room and to greet me into her world she pulled my tie and then gave me a wet little French kiss.

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I was flabbergasted and was almost gone with the wind. I helped her to unveil herself and what I saw first caught my eye but with time I eased down. Excitement, intensity, patience, passion, exoticness and be wilderness is what we played through each other. Seriously, it was a night which I didn’t want to end.

When she was leaving it almost felt as if she was taking my heart with her. I know it was weird to have a night stand with a transexual, but with all due happenings that followed it brought out a different side of me which I was more than happy to see.

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