My First Cross Dressing Experience - Cross Dressing in London - Saturday 27th of November 2021 11:01:05 PM

My First Cross Dressing Experience

It was one hell of an experience that will always make me remember one side of mine that I never thought existed. It was few months back when I was in London for my trip regarding this business deal with the party. I was excited to see London and more was I to live the life there. It was too good to talk to people and have a cosmopolitan atmosphere around. And my, was I mesmerized to see the beautiful ladies walking around me. It was the time when I decided to have a little kinky adventure of my own.

I went to the TS London Escorts site and got little suggestions about what I was looking for. With everything done accordingly to the way I was in for a good time. She was a beautiful brunette and sharing a cup of coffee with her in a road side coffee shop was something that I wanted to do for my life. She was friendly, intelligent, humorous, gorgeous, and talented and remarked to the places where it was required. For me it was a perfect candidate for the fame industry wondering why in this place.

Lucky to have her company we took a walk and came back to my hotel where I was. Insisting that I wanted to make it comfortable since it was my first time she reacted in a quiet ingenious way. She asked me to follow her into the things she does. I agreed and the first thing that came up was the idea of cross dressing.

Highly uncomfortable I was to hear this but I also realized maybe there was something in me that was not also being completely inadvertent to. So, it was me who was wearing her inners and she was with a shirt I mean just a shirt and a tie loosely hanging around her neck.

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There it was a time of laughs and naughtiness which we both seemed to enjoy the end of it. We were both in that attire and this time drunk in & out. But how slowly suddenly it rose to the kissing part, I don’t remember.

But at the end of the time I knew that we both made love like the end of the world was tomorrow. Crisply, I don’t care if she has done the same thing anywhere else. All I know that for me it was a night which charmed my life and I owe it to this beautiful Transexual London Escort

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