Living with Transgendered - Living as Transgendered - Sunday 28th of November 2021 12:35:53 AM

Living with Transgendered

In the world of today a Transgender is also living freely, but to an extent. The main issue is with the society sometimes still failing to accept that the Transgender are different even from the Homosexuals and the lesbians. It can be pretty hard for the Transgender to reside in a society like this. Their thinking is different and so is the physical thinking too.

They are unfortunately punched in between this thinking that how they can cope up with this situation. They are in a box while they try to think outside of a box. People normally have accepted to think that premarital sex is fine and so is living together but Transgender is an exception in this case.

Living with the Transgender may trigger some confusion as well as disappointment, especially in a family. In this case people are too often prejudiced in to understand that the requirement of thinking and wanting for a person can be different. In the case of friends, sometimes they even avoid so as to save themselves from the society embarrassment. It is indeed tough for the Transgender but even more for the people who love with them.

Supporting this can be a noble cause to one, while a sin to the other. In the case of the humanity, nature demands complete balance in the system. But human imagination is of another level which has no control.  It is completely like in a box where lot of spaces and segregation are there among.

It is not that Transgender do this intentionally, but it is in their thinking and sometimes it develops from childhood. It is surely nobody’s business to mind in someone else’s matter but, the Transgender are the people who have this in their thinking.

About Transgendered life

People very few of them go for the option of changing their sex for the betterment of their lifestyle. It is the people who love with them face the worst and still have to support the difference in the normal beings.

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