A hard Active Transexual Escort session - Active TS London story - Sunday 28th of November 2021 12:16:57 AM

A hard Active Transexual Escort session

It was an experience for a lifetime that certainly is going to make me erect whenever I think about. It was a formal meet in a coffee shop with that beautiful transexual escort. As her charms kept on working on me I knew that I surely had to cut all the discussions and the time short.

She was slowly giving me the hint and the slutty look in her eyes was driving me wild inside. Still maintaining the decorum we somehow managed to finish of the coffee and the snacks as if it was a contest and we definitely thought so. It was in the elevator lift when suddenly she kissed me on the lower neck.

Unexpected of what I should be doing I slapped her buttocks in a hard way. I loved the feeling of those bumps. She smiled and she hurried a bit towards the corridor.

Not completely I had closed the main door; she pushed me in a hard way and shut it herself. She grabbed my hand and threw me onto a couch as if I were a child about to get scolded. She threw open her garments and her visible black lingerie already got my throw up a little inside. She fastened my trousers and started sucking my shaft with her lips and tongue and I was startled. I was wild and I tore almost open my shirt. I fondled her breasts. She rode on top of me as I tortured her. She kept murmuring on my ears that I was bog for her which was something that got me more on the groove.

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Suddenly she and me panting and biting and scratching each other she got up and started running. Before my prey could play with me I again caught her and smashed her into a wall with her legs spread from behind. I inserted like a metal force and gave her the lesson of that run away. It was all over in a few minutes but that insatiable hunger still allures me to fuck that transexual escort once more.

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